Monday, 21 November 2016

BI & Analytics services for pharma

If you’re working for an organization or own a business, you are bound to have heard about this term used somewhere or the other - BI & Analytics. In a way, it is no longer a buzzword given that it has adopted on a worldwide scale. If you try finding, hardly you’ll come across a brand name who isn’t recognizing this term as an exclusive domain for pharma data analytics.

Whether it is finding out new business strategies that take you to the top, or mending the internal work force, or making new ties with international clients, or how to get ahead of your competitors in this frantic rat race – BI & Analytics services is everywhere! And the startling truth is – that it actually is EVERYWHERE for pharma analytics services.

Business Intelligence and Pharma in Analytics is a field that demands experience and invention. A know how of techniques and application is must to develop an incisive outlook and take stock of the situation (read data) at hand. Simultaneously, this field is constantly evolving and a hotbed for disruption where staying ahead of the times boils down to mere survivalist tendency.

No wonder big players have been investing millions in this particular domain just to obtain that much needed edge over competitors. As per recent trends, juggernauts such as Salesforce and Microsoft are expected to lead the norms when it comes to cloud based BI.

Jumping from a mere 24% to 34% in just a year, cloud based data warehousing and mining services exhibited the highest increase across the technology domain, most of which is being credited to Redshift [Amazon’s data warehousing service launched in 2013]. In reply, IBM came up with DashDB in the year 2014.

CEP [Complex Event Processing] is a vital cog in the Business Intelligence wheel. As market trends are suggesting, CEP is not far from becoming mainstream. Amazon is once again leading the bunch with its Kinesis CEP service empowering real time events like media streaming, bidding, gaming, buying, and much more.

To stay relevant in such an environment, companies have to invest copiously and regularly in R&D and training facilities and come up with something new and better in the market.

Here we dissect what pharma analytics services in us is all about and how it has caused a revolution for industries and businesses alike across the face of the earth. Having started out as a nascent technological term, it has now grown on to become one of the most potent business forces alive pharma data analytics services.

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